It's been awhile...

I know it's been a while since I've been on here, but the new year has been a little bit on the busy side lately. To my misfortune, Carter decided to get gastroenteritis (stomach flu) about 2 weeks ago and let me tell you, that is some awful stuff. On top of that, he still had a runny nose from earlier (cutting teeth??), therefore, he had bodily fluids coming from every orifice on his body. Frankly, I was so sick of changing diapers and cleaning up puke. He got to the point where he would not eat or drink anything which ended in us having to take him to the ER on Monday (Jan. 12) around 1230a.m. to have a bag of IV fluids. He was beginning to get dehydrated really bad (no pee-pee for, like, 9 hours). Around 1130p.m. on Sunday, he started to act weird and began getting lethargic, which needless to say, scared the mess out of me.
Mother's instinct kicked in, woke Adam up, and told him we needed to take him to the hospital :(

And if that wasn't enough, we got home around 4a.m on Monday, and Adam woke up about 6 with the same thing. Oh man, it was terrible. Thank goodness his was really bad only a couple of days, but Carter's lasted for about 10 days. The Lord definitely had his hand on me, because I never did get sick. I guess he knew I was the only one that could take care of my two boys ;)

In the mean time (and on a happier note), Carter is still boot-scooting everywhere as he continues to walk EVERYWHERE. We're gonna have to start watching him more carefully though, because yesterday I was washing dishes, and I noticed he got really quiet. When I went to look for him, I couldn't find him, and he wouldn't answer me for the longest. So I then made a mad dash around the house looking for him. Where was he? The crazy kid had decided to take a solo trek all the way up the stairs and was sitting at the top landing in the computer room!! Thank goodness he was scared to come back down!! So we now have to make sure and close the door going up to the computer room as well as the bathroom (he likes to go in there and TRY to take a bath by himself).

He has also cut 2 more teeth, which gives him a total of 4!! He's trying to cut another on the top right now and it's making him really cranky. Some days I think I could strangle him (not really, just figuratively speaking). Anyway, I think that gets y'all caught up on the drama in the Kelly home. I hope everyone else has been doing okay and having a great year so far!

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