The Carter Express

Since I've been staying at home and Carter has got a little older, he has started "helping me" with the laundry. Not really, but he does LOVE to ride in the laundry basket down the hall to get the clothes. One day while my Mom and Dad were keeping Carter for a couple of hours, the Carter Express was in effect, but Pappy (as my Dad is called by his other grandchildren) figured out real quick that his back could not take pushing Carter around the house. So, he rigged the handle and attached a clothes hanger to it and began pulling him that way. Then my mother added the "choo-choo" sound effects. And that, my friends, is how the Carter Express evolved.
Here are some pictures of Carter and Ellie enjoying the train ride one night we enjoyed the company of Etheredges at our house. They just cracked me up how they just held on like big people!

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Kelly said...

I just got pictures of Ellie grabbing at the computer trying to get Carter! It's precious! She was waving hello and saying hey!! It's great!