Opryland Hotel 2008

Since Adam and Josh decided to trek off to Atlanta for the SEC championship game, I decided to take Carter for his first trip to the Opryland Hotel to see the Christmas lights. My parents went took me and Carter, along with my sister, Kim, and niece, Emmy. Emmy adores Carter as he does her, so I was glad they went with us. Honestly though, I went for me. I don't get to do a lot of things for myself anymore since Cart-man has arrived, and I LOVE to go there and see the lights. My parents would always take us up there, not every Christmas, but just about. I guess I get it from my mother ;) I think Carter had a good time. He was a wonderful baby that day. Considering we left that morning to go Christmas shopping and it was a very long day, he just kind of went with the flow of the activities for the day! Since we got back so late, my parents insisted we spend the night at their house (Adam was staying the night in Atlanta). Needless to say Carter did not sleep very well and woke up looking around, like "where am I?" But we were very appreciative anyway that they let us stay there.

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