Thanksgiving is such a special time to me. I'm one that loves to be with my family and friends. Adam is not too much of a spending-time-with-the-fam kinda guy, but he knows he has to ;P This is Carter's first Thanksgiving of course...well everything has been a first for him this year I guess.
On Thursday, we traveled to the wonderful land of Grant, AL to have lunch at Adam's Mamaw's house. We always have a lot of fun over there, but the absolute best thing about going there is Aunt Ann's Mac-N-cheese. Oh man, is it good! It's one of those things that she could tell you everything she puts in it and you could have her standing by you helping you make it, and it will NEVER taste as good as hers. And guess who she offered the leftovers to....ME! There wasn't very much left of course, but I'll take it! Anyway, enough about the macaroni.
On Friday night, we went to my sister, Melissa's, house for Thanksgiving with my family. It's never a dull moment over there. We enjoyed a great supper, played a game or two, but spent most of the time playing with the "Cart-man". They don't get to see but like once a week, so they soak up the time with him as much as they can. And as much as I hate to brag, I made some sugar cookies for desert that were absolute perfection...ask anybody that was there ;)
On Sunday, we finished the Thanksgiving weekend out by going to my Aunt Judy's in Hartselle for my Mom's side of the family. We're a tight-knit family, that bunch. There are like tons of new babies and toddlers in the Lang Gang this year, so Carter had him a good time over there. He's the next to smallest though, so he can't quite run with the bigger dogs just yet. So needless to say, Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, as it always is. We can now start the Christmas countdown!


Kelly said...

I am so glad that you have a blog! Isn't it fun? I'm your first comment too (I think)!!

Josh said...

"absolute perfection" sugar cookies huh?!? Why have i not been made these so-called "perfect" cookies!?!?